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Disinfection & Sanitization of Outdoor social Areas Against Covid 19 & Monkey POXS

With the rapidly developing world, microbes are also upgrading. New stains of germs are growing with each passing day that no one can clean with old methods. COVID-19 and Monkey POXs are the infections arising from such advanced pathogens. To keep your commercial sector free from these fatal viruses, you should hire a professional cleaning company. With the latest tools and active detergents, CCS77 offers high-end disinfection & sanitization of outdoor social areas against Covid 19 & Monkey POXS.

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Our Outdoor Disinfection and Sanitization Services

CCS77 is proud to offer world-class disinfection and sanitization services for outdoor areas such as parks, playgrounds, picnic areas, and family eating spots. If you are an owner of any such family amusement area, you should make it germ-free, especially from two pandemics of Monkey POXS and COVID-19. This will guarantee the safety of the residents. It will also help you to get your commercial area open during strict hours. Do not wait for the officials to seal your park and clean it beforehand. This will also protect the visiting families from lethal infections.

Picnic and Eating Areas Protection

Long days of lockdown have affected both the mental and social health of individuals. To ease their lives, families need to visit parks and enjoy picnics in greenery. But with the infection chances still at hand, touching outdoor surfaces can be critical. In these fearful days, help the families release their worries by sanitizing your commercial parks.

Make the residents enjoy picnics again with your clean and germ-free parks. We have workers that know how to treat every small corner of a public area. They maintain all the protective equipment like gloves and masks and do not touch a single surface. Also, we utilize environment-friendly and non-toxic chemicals that are not harmful to humans, plants, and animals, reviving the fun of picnics again.

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Keeping Playgrounds Safe For Kids

As you may know, children are more susceptible to COVID-19 and Monkey POXS and, therefore, require extra care and protection. Even if a child plays alone in parks, he can get these diseases by touching infected surfaces. Thus, disinfection against these germs is essential for grounds and play areas. In our service, we clean all the playground equipment involving rods, swings, and ropes, with commercial chemicals. These detergents are made with a perfect concentration of alcohol and are tried and tested for infections. So, to keep the children healthy and thriving, go for our disinfection and sanitization service and make your play area clean for all.  

Choose Us For Finest Disinfection and Sanitization Services

Our thorough cleaning techniques efficiently remove all the pathogens from your parks and playground. We adopt the latest sanitizing practices and perfect ratios of chemicals to clean public areas. Other benefits of choosing our services include: 

  • Budget-friendly facilities 
  • High customer satisfaction rates 
  • Good market reputation and reliability 
  • Customized outdoor cleaning area plans 
  • Professional cleaners and 100% sanitization guaranteed 

If you are still looking for disinfection & sanitization of outdoor social areas against Covid 19 & Monkey POXS, conclude your search with CCS77. Get a free quote today! 

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