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Make Your Corporate World Spotless With Commercial Cleaner 

Regardless of industry, a clean and healthy atmosphere is critical for all organizations and institutions. To protect your facilities, guests and personnel, specific disinfecting techniques should be in place.

CCS77 uses the best antibacterial soaps and processes to keep people safe in offices, schools, stores, healthcare centers, Cinemas, shopping malls, and assisted living facilities in our towns and cities. This comprises our commercial cleaner in Porterville CA, who performs cleaning, disinfection, and care for businesses across the country.

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We Hold Higher Standard

We continuously chase the most acceptable cleaning standards with personalized programs designed to match your needs. We are far from filthy. We deliver on our promises and follow them up with each customer to ensure their satisfaction.

We also utilize effective and environmentally friendly cleaning products without leaving any residue or odors behind. We have the equipment and strategies to manage your cleaning and disinfecting tasks regardless of the type of facility you have.

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Our professional commercial cleaner in Porterville CA offers exceptional value and unmatched performance that will add to the reputation of your business and present the right image to customers. Let CCS77 help you to create the perfect commercial cleaning you need.

Our Goals

The goal of our commercial cleaner in Porterville CA is to minimize risk to the facility. It is our responsibility to make people feel better in a commercial area and do our best to make them feel comfortable. We will become acquainted with your facilities and formulate a cleaning and disinfecting plan tailored to your specific requirements.

Further we can save you time and money through our cleaning services. We are contracting your cleaning services and cutting cleaning time while maintaining a clean, disinfected workplace.

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